Coming home

(June 2013)

Jong en Oud

(March 2013)


(January 2013)

Additional vocals: Seb. Text: Celia, Seb, cedric.t

Video recorded in the Norwegian Dust Studios, with cheap camera, and barely edited with iMovie.

Train to Spain

(June 2012)

I play the bass

Full circle

Derniere Danse (Kyo cover)

(vocals Remix)

Lift the cloud


Cover Photo @Mathieu Labbé.

Miles and miles

Break the Spell

Don't Believe

Music recorded in one afternoon at my parents' place in October 2011. No home studio available, so all instrumentation is recorded with the built-in mic of my laptop. Vocals recorded in my studio a few days later. Cover @cedric.t


This song was written and recorded on bass in 1998. I did not play any other instrument back then so I left it at that. Fast forward 13 years, and as I decide to re-record it on electric guitar things fall into place and the song writes itself. Comes Sondre in the picture and ta-daa, one of my favourite tracks so far is born. Cover @Mathieu Labbé.


The writing for this piece did not follow a usual scheme: I sat in front of the computer, rigged my electric guitar and started recording about two hours of improvisation with different guitar effects. Many (many) hours of re-arranging later, the instrumental track was born. A second session with Suzon, a few hours of mixing and "Blue" was alive.

La plus belle de Céans (cover)

The original is by Lais. The first time I heard this song was on their album "Douce Victime". The simplicity of the melody and the vocal arrangemenents make it a favourite of mine. Music and Lyrics: traditional ; arrangements: cedric.t ; vocals: Suzon and cedric.t ; Cover @cedric.t

Isabelle (cover)

The original is by Gregory and the Hawk . Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity.