Earth3D is a simply program which allows for the 3D visualisation of gravity, tomographic, topological and coastal datas from different sources. The user simply needs to specify which dataset he wants to use and look at and the min/max latitudes and longitudes (and possible depths if applicable). From the datasets are then extracted the useful data, which are then output in vtk format. The program is linked with the following datasets:

  • GOCE satellite data

  • Moho depth

  • Crustal thickness

  • Heat Flow Data from "Global map of solid Earth surface heat flow", J.H. Davies, Gcubed 14(10), 2013 (supplementary material).

  • Gplates Velocities

  • p-wave seismic tomography of the Euro-mediterranean region

  • Spakman Tomography model

  • Topography

  • Plate boundaries and coastlines

  • topography, coastlines and rivers