GeoDiSP (Geological Digital Signal Processing) is a cross-platform tool that performs various tasks, measurements and spectral analysis on a given dataset.

The methods and algorithms that are used in the code are not new (see links hereunder for details about them). Most of the methods and algorithms used in this code have already been published, but GeoDiSP compiles them in a single tool. In this respect, GeoDiSP is a wrapper, that allows the user to analyse a given signal in a user-friendly way, and produces postscript outputs of the results.

Who and when ?

GeoDiSP was put together in 2007 by Dr. C. Thieulot and Dr S. Boulay for their own personal use and is now freely available for scientific and/or educational use. The authors would appreciate any comments from GeoDiSP users.


GeoDiSP can be used on various platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows). However, depending on the operating system you use, the install procedure is different. The program is written in Fortran90 and therefore requires a F90 compiler. The output graphics are generated with Gnuplot.
GeoDiSP is an application, not a software with a GUI. It has been tested and ran on the hereabove mentioned platforms with various compilers (see INSTALL.txt file). Users must be somewhat familiar with shell commands, and at least a terminal text editor (vi, emacs, ...). The authors shall not answer any question about the installation of GeoDiSP.


Files in the current distribution and Copyrights

(1) C.Thieulot and S.Boulay (here)
(2) A.Cline (here) and P.Dierckx (here): resampling of data.
(3) Numerical Recipes (here): Lomb transform.
(4) J.Braun (here): reading of data.
(5) C.Torrence and G.P.Compo (here): wavelet analysis.
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
analyse.f90 fpback.f90 avevar.f90 module_scanfile.f90 wavelet2.f90
clean_up.f90 fpbspl.f90 lomb.f90 scanfile.f90
compute_(i,n)dt.f90 fpcheck.f90 module_random.f90
geodisp.f90 fpcurf.f90
init_test.f90 fpgivs.f90
lomb_transform.f90.f90 fpknot.f90
module_constants.f90 fprati.f90
module_definitions.f90 fprota.f90
output_(i,n,r)signals.f90 curfit.f90
read_controlling_parameters.f90 splev.f90
Makefile, Makefile.inc
input files