Computational Geodynamics


  • Lecture notes (FDM, heat diffusion, advection, 1D, 2D, explicit, implicit)
  • Lecture notes (FDM, Stokes equations, staggered grids)
  • Lecture notes (FEM, heat diffusion in 1D)
  • Lecture notes (FEM, heat advection in 1D)
  • Lecture notes (FEM, heat advection/diffusion in 2D)
  • Lecture notes (Numerical integration)
  • Projects
    Instructions for the reports:
  • per email only
  • deadline: Friday 7 July, 11.59pm
  • no page limit
  • English or Dutch
  • Word or LaTeX, but one single pdf file for all exercises and mini project
  • all your code(s) should be put in an appendix as part of the same pdf file.
  • figures as vector drawings (e.g. pdf, eps, ...) included in the report with adequate captions.
  • all figures mentioned and described/discussed in the text.
  • for each exercise, a small paragraph describing the relevant equation, its discretisation and the coding approach.
  • for each code you write, explain and document its limitations. If it does not work as well as you think it should (or not at all), please try to explain why you think it is so.
  • failing to comply with any of these instructions will strongly influence the grading